New Year, New You at NLI Med Spa

Finally, we can breathe. The holiday parties are over, the resolutions were made and the decorations have been put away and stored until the next holiday season. It is now we can begin to focus on ourselves again. With this New Year comes the chance to refresh yourself- and NLI Med Spa can help! Below are some popular, affordable and effective treatments to provide you with the appearance you both desire and deserve.

Laser Hair Removal

$75 a treatment

Laser hair removal is easily becoming one of the most in-demand laser treatments in the nation. In fact, there were over 1 million laser hair removal services performed in the nation last year. Unlike waxing, you don’t have to grow your unwanted hair out before treatment, and the entire laser hair removal process typically takes between 15-45 minutes (depending on the size of the area being treated).

The treatment works by using cosmetic laser that uses heat and energy targeted at the unwanted hair follicles within the skin. This technology is able to pick up the pigment of hair and target the energy at the roots, preventing them from regrowing. Typically clients need between 5 – 12 laser hair removal treatments to see the best possible results.


$7.99 a unit

Botox Treatments are one of the most celebrated, anti-aging injectables approved by the F.D.A. and endorsed by countless women and men everywhere. Last year alone, BOTOX® was the number one most requested cosmetic treatment in the United States.

The injections work by preventing acetylcholine receptors within the muscle from contracting, temporarily freezing them without harming them. Because these muscles are temporarily frozen and cannot contract, they are then relaxed. This results in the smoothed appearance of lines and wrinkles upon the injection site.

Chemical Peel

$100 a treatment

Chemical peels are one of the top 5 most requested nonsurgical cosmetic treatments and are ideal for those who want a skin rejuvenation treatment with no downtime.  Because chemical peels don’t require cosmetic laser technology, they are safe for almost every skin time and provide clients a variety of outstanding benefits!

Chemical peel solutions are often made of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or tricholoracetic acid and will be applied based on your skin type and concerns. Chemical peel treatments work by removing the very thin surface layer of your skin- the layer that collects dead skin cells, dirt and facial oils, as well as pollution. This topical layer needs to be rejuvenated in order to make room for new, fresh skin!

About Us

National Laser Institute has been in the health and beauty industry for over a decade. They are the leaders in themedical aesthetics industry and have earned an A+ rating at the BBB as well as a number of starred reviews.

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“No-Shave November” EVER AGAIN with Laser Hair Removal Treatments!

You’ve probably heard of “no-shave November,” where men and women across the nation do not shave for the month of November. But what if “no-shave November” turned into No-Shave EVER AGAIN November? With laser hair removal, it’s completely possible.

Laser hair removal treatments remove unwanted hair from almost any part of your body. Are you tired of red bumps around your bikini line? Maybe irritated or sick of ingrown hairs around your neck-beard line? What if you never had to shave your underarms EVER AGAIN?

People say they spend between 10 – 40 minutes in the shower, and it’s on the longer side whenever they have to shave. Imagine cutting 10, 15, or even 20 of those minutes down because you don’t have to shave? Not only are you saving yourself time, but you’re also saving water. Saving water and putting a stop to buying endless shaving supplies mean saving money!

Laser hair removal treatments work using state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers with settings customized to your skin and hair type. When the cosmetic laser is fired, the light, heat, and energy are absorbed by your hair follicles. The energy is what damages the hair at its root, preventing it from growing back. Results leave you with smooth, hair-free results!

Laser hair removal is a series treatment, which means you will need between 6 – 12 treatments to see results. After those treatments, your unwanted hair is gone. This means you can say goodbye to irritating shaving bumps and never-ending waxing sessions for good!

NLI Med Spa in Scottsdale, AZ offers laser hair removal treatments starting at only $50–a fraction of the retail price. Your treatments are performed by laser technicians within a luxury medical spa setting and customized for the perfect treatment every time. Clients enjoy getting laser hair removal treatments NLI Med Spa because clients aren’t just clients, we treat them like family!

To learn more about laser hair removal treatments in Scottsdale, simply call 480.290.7364 or fill out the form to your right!

A New Type of Treatment for Acne Sufferers–BBL™Acne Therapy!

90% of Americans have had acne at one point in their life. It’s one of the most common and highly annoying skin care concerns in the nation. Nobody feels comfortable or confident when they’re walking around with bumps, pimples, and pustules on their face, and sometimes creams or pills can be harsh on the body or leave skin feeling red, dry, or flakey.

But now there’s a new type of treatment that can help significantly reduce most types of acne problems–BBL™ acne therapy. It works by using energy, light, and heat to work beneath the skin’s surface layers to destroy acne causing bacteria. The first pass of energy helps to stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin, and the second blue light pass is what eliminates acne causing bacteria to help stop future breakouts and calm current ones.

Here’s what you should know about BBL™ before your treatment:

  • Two BBL™ acne treatments are needed to see beginning results, and approximately 12 treatments are needed to targeted results.
  • Most clients who experience BBL™ acne treatment see up to a 90% improvement rate after their last session.
  • The actual BBL™ acne treatment takes between 10-30 minutes to perform (depending on how large the area being treated is)
  • Clients may see the treatment area getting redder or “worse” before it gets better. This is absolutely normal, as with most acne treatments, and it is encouraged to keep continuing on with the treatment even if you do feel discouraged.

NLI Med Spa in Scottsdale, AZ offers quality BBL™ acne treatments for those who suffer from acne at a fraction of the retail cost! They are the leading medical spa in Arizona and offer only state-of-the-art, quality services to clients. To learn more about acne reduction or NLI Med Spa in Scottsdale, please call 480.290.7364.

Are You Paying too Much for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a service that’s been sweeping the nation throughout the past few years. As an FDA approved hair reduction treatment, laser hair removal successfully rids unwanted hair from almost any part of your body. But how much should you really be paying for this technologically advanced beauty treatment?

This depends on a few different factors. Your location, the size of the area being treated, how many total treatments you need, and if you’re receiving treatment from a medical professional or laser technician.

If you have a large area that needs laser hair removal and a medical professional is performing this treatment, you’re probably looking at paying anywhere between $150 – $250 per treatment.

If you have a smaller area and your state allows certified laser technicians to perform laser hair removal treatments, then laser hair removal can cost as low as $50 – $150 per treatment area.

If you come across a price tag that reads $1,000 + for laser hair removal, make sure that price isn’t just for one area. You’ll be paying way too much. If that $1,000 is for a laser hair removal package, then you’re more than likely receiving a pretty great deal.

Arizona Laser Hair Removal Deals with NLI Med Spa

NLI Med Spa is a premiere medical spa in Arizona that offers laser hair removal in Scottsdale. With NLI Med Spa, laser hair removal starts at only $50! You’ll be treated by laser technicians who use only the latest, most advanced laser hair removal technology, and you treatment will be performed within our luxury medical spa setting.

NLI Med Spa has received many outstanding reviews as well as an A+ rating from the BBB. To learn more about laser hair removal, please call 480.290.7364.

Botox Scottsdale Specials

Botox treatments are designed to help improve wrinkles, excessive sweating, fine lines, bladder control, muscle spasms, and much more. As a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment, Botox ranks #1 with over 6 million treatments performed just last year. That number has risen and is expected to continue to rise within the coming years.

There are tons of benefits to Botox. Since it doesn’t involve surgery, you’re in and out without any downtime. Compared to plastic surgery, Botox is the much cheaper option as well as the less dramatic option. In most clients, Botox lasts between 3-6 months as a temporary cosmetic solution to anti-aging, giving them a smoother, youthful, and flawless appearance.

NLI Med Spa is committed to offering quality Botox specials and treatments in Scottsdale, AZ. Our medical professional experts perform Botox treatments on hundreds of clients each month within our luxury medical spa and consult with you before treatment in order to provide you with the best results possible for your skin concerns.

How Botox Works

Botox cosmetic works by injecting a very tiny needle into your skin by a medical professionals certified in performing cosmetic injectables. The needle is targeted at specific muscles under your skin. When the Botox is injected, it prevents certain muscles from contracting. When those muscles cannot contract, they are forced to relax. This is what causes the smooth, wrinkle-free, and youthful appearance.

For a visual aid on our how Botox treatments work, view our mini-video here!

NLI Med Spa’s Botox Specials in Scottsdale

For Botox Scottsdale specials at NLI Med Spa, visit their monthly specials! Botox treatments at NLI Med Spa start at just $7.50 per unit. NLI Med Spa also offers Amazing Offer memberships for new clients that include cosmetic injectables.

To learn more about Botox in Scottsdale or NLI Med Spa, please call 480.290.7364.

Laser Acne Treatments in Scottsdale, AZ

Acne is no fun to deal with, and yet over 40 million people in the U.S. are forced to deal with acne because it’s one of the most common skin concerns in the nation. But nobody wants those annoying pimples and pustules hanging around on their face!

That’s the beauty of laser acne treatments. Laser acne treatments, like the BBL (BroadBand Light) acne photofacial, are able to destroy acne-causing bacteria without harming your skin. Creams and gels can make your skin red, super dry, and flakey, and prescription acne medication can sometimes be harsh on your body and contain adverse side effects. Laser acne treatments are a safe and effective way to get rid of acne in as little as six weeks!

How BBL Acne Treatments Work

The BBL acne photofacial is one of the most popular forms of laser acne treatments. It is a series treatment, which means clients typically need 1-2 treatments each week. However, this brings along outstanding benefits because the BBL acne photofacial works by emitting a first pass of light and energy onto the skin to help repair it and stimulate collagen. The second blue light pass is what helps eliminate acne and acne-causing bacteria, presenting clear and flawless results!

Laser Acne Treatments in AZ at NLI Med Spa

You can receive the BBL acne photofacial as well as many other types of laser acne treatments at NLI Med Spa in AZ. NLI Med Spa is the leading, luxury medical spa in Scottsdale and has earned many outstanding reviews. To learn more about laser acne treatments or NLI Med Spa, please call 480.290.7364.

What You Didn’t Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal treatments are becoming more common and in-demand these days, especially with it becoming more popular in the mass media. Although it’s well known that laser hair removal can permanently stop unwanted hair from growing back, there are a few things that many laser hair removal clients don’t know before treatment.

For instance, unlike waxing treatments, you actually need to shave your unwanted hair the day before or the day of your laser hair removal treatment–not grow it out. Do NOT wax it! This is because the laser hair removal equipment finds that dark hair follicle within your skin and targets the pigment. If there is no hair, there is no pigment to target and the treatment won’t work!

Also, if you have very naturally blonde hair or gray hair there is a high chance that laser hair removal won’t work for you. Again, this is because laser hair removal needs to target a pigment, and blonde and gray hair do not hold much pigment.

Another things about laser hair removal–it’s not a once-and-then-you’re-done treatment. Typically clients need a series of 6-10 treatments in order to see remarkable results. These treatments need to also be spaced out every 4-6 weeks to catch the hair on the same growth cycle. If it’s not consistent, you will most likely need more treatments in the end.

For the best laser hair removal treatments in Scottsdale, we recommend NLI Med Spa!

Laser Hair Removal at NLI Med Spa

NLI Med Spa is one of the leading medical spas in Scottsdale, AZ and offers quality laser hair removal treatments to clients. For a fraction of the retail price, you can receive your laser hair removal treatment performed by expert laser technicians within a luxury medical spa setting.

NLI Med Spa has earned many outstanding reviews as well as an A+ rating from the BBB. To learn more about laser hair removal Scottsdale locations or NLI Med Spa, please call 480.290.7364.

Botox Phoenix Treatments and Deals!

Everyone has heard of Botox, and over the last decade Botox cosmetic has been ranked as the #1 cosmetic nonsurgical treatment. MILLIONS of people across the nation have received Botox in order to appear youthful, fresh faced, and flawless. The best part? Botox only takes 10 minutes to perform the injection process!

NLI Med Spa in AZ offers the best Botox deals and discounts at their highly praised medical spa. Expert medical professionals will perform your Botox treatments after a personalized consultation in order to give you the best skin care results that meet your skin care goals!

How Botox Works

Botox cosmetic treatments work by injecting a fine needle of Botox into the treatment area, done by a medical professional. Botox is then able to safely and temporarily freeze targeted muscles within your face. When your muscles can’t contract, they are forced to soften and relax. This is what gives you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance!

What Botox Treats

  • Crow’s feet
  • Between the brow lines
  • Forehead lines and wrinkles

Botox Deals

  • Botox treatments start at just $7.50 per unit–a fraction of the retail price!
  • VIP Amazing Offer deals for new clients!

Botox in Phoenix at NLI Med Spa

For the best Botox treatments in Phoenix, consider NLI Med Spa. They are the leader in the medical esthetician industry and have earned many outstanding reviews. To learn more about Botox Phoenix at NLI Med Spa, please call 480.290.7364.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal AZ

Nobody wants to deal with unflattering stretch marks, but sometimes the creams and gels that promise to rid away unwanted marks aren’t effective or just don’t work fast enough. That’s why many people have turned to laser stretch mark removal treatments to help quickly and effectively vanish unwanted marks.

Laser stretch mark removal is safe and effective for almost anywhere on the body and is capable with working with many different skin tones. Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy, weight loss, hormones, rapid weight gain, puberty, or genetics, and laser stretch mark removal is designed to help rid marks left by any of these causes.

How Laser Stretch Mark Removal Works

At NLI Med Spa, laser stretch mark removal works by using fractional laser technology. This specific laser emits short pulses of fine light into the area of your skin’s stretch marks on a dermal and epidermal layer. This helps to stimulate your collagen while helping to rid old tissue and repair the damage of your unwanted marks. Your end result leaves you with smoother, flawless skin.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Deals

  • Laser stretch mark reduction starts at just $175 at NLI Med Spa

About NLI Med Spa

NLI Med Spa is the leader in the medical esthetics industry and has earned many outstanding reviews. To learn more about laser stretch mark reduction treatments or National Laser Institute, please call 480.290.7364.

Botox Specials in Phoenix, AZ

Botox is the leading nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the nation and the #1 choice of cosmetic injectable with over 6 million treatments performed in the U.S. last year. But when it comes to Botox, people are always on the hunt for a good deal.

On average, Botox lasts between 3-6 months. Because it’s not a permanent solution to wrinkles, people are always on the hunt for the best Botox special. That’s why we recommend NLI Med Spa.

NLI Med Spa uses quality Botox treatments directly from the manufacturer and consults with you before your Botox treatment. Botox is provided to you by medical professionals within a luxury medical spa setting. NLI also offers you many different types of specials and deals when it comes to Botox, never ripping you off with the quality of your treatment.

Areas Botox Treats

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Between the brow lines

Botox Specials at NLI Med Spa

  • $7.50 per unit Botox specials
  • VIP Amazing Offer membership with Botox specials and perks

About NLI Med Spa

NLI Med Spa is the leader in the medical esthetics industry and has received many outstanding reviews. Your treatment is performed in a luxury medical spa by an expert medical professional. To learn more about Botox specials in Phoenix or NLI Med Spa, please call 480.290.7364.